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Mask of the Munchkin®
Mask of the Munchkin®

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Illustrated by John Kovalic

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A Munchkin for every season, and a Mask for every Munchkin! This Munchkin freebie should be downloaded, cut, glued, and worn to your next Munchkin game. Put it on to avoid a Trap or Curse! Wear it on Halloween when you go trick-or-treating! Just don't drive wearing it.

Official Rules

You may use this Mask in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. It may be used whenever a Trap or a Curse is played upon you.

  • When a Trap or a Curse is played upon you, exclaim loudly "Mighty Mask of the Munchkin, I call upon your Power!"
  • Put on the Mask. The Trap or Curse no longer affects you.
  • You must keep the Mask on for the rest of the game. If you take off the Mask for any reason, you lose one level.
  • Special Halloween Rule: For any games played on October 31st, wearing the Mask of the Munchkin for the entire game allows you to win by attaining Level 9.

Wearing multiple Masks is legal, and very Munchkinly. However, you will lose one level per mask if they come off! Masks must be worn on your head, but not necessarily your face.

The winning level must always be attained by killing a monster, regardless of what exact number that level is. And no, you can't win at Level 8 by wearing two Masks on Halloween.


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