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Munchkin® The Guild™
Card List

Total Cards: 15
Door Cards: 8
Treasure Cards: 7

Door Card Back
  • Curse! Lecture Your Party In Awkward, Repetitive Sentences That Are Filled With Digressions and Irrelevancies and Bore Everyone Like Some Repetitive Boring Thing
  • Curse! School'd!
  • Elected Guild Leader!
  • Rules Are For Losers!
  • Tall Hot Girl
  • The Kevinator
  • Unplugged!
  • Zaboo's Mom
Treasure Card Back
  • +5 to Sexterity
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Midnight Munchkin Madness
  • Munchkin Armor
  • Out-Of-Game Benefits
  • Pep Talk From Your Avatar (GUAL)
  • Sell Game T-Shirts

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