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October 24, 2016: A Quick Update

We're in another of those quiet times during which we're working on some longer-term projects and don't really have a lot of cool news we can talk about yet. Steve and I are both plugging away on some new Munchkin games for 2017 and beyond (yes, beyond). Devin is hard at work bringing the core set of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game closer to the finish line and helping to playtest All The Games. We just sent John a pretty big project that should keep him happily drawing for the next several months.

I've also been working with BOOM! Studios and our own capable Alain Dawson on the cool extras for the last two issues of the Munchkin comic book this year. And it's possible that I turned over the main story for Munchkin #25, coming out next January, but of course I couldn't talk about it if I did. I've also been looking over some of the work that USAopoly has been putting together for their own 2017 Munchkin schedule. For some of it, I even had to do research (if sitting on my butt in my living room staring at [REDACTED] counts as research, which it does as far as I and my timesheet are concerned).

Of course, the business of marketing and selling our games never stops, and I meet with our teams on the other side of the office regularly to go over the next steps on that front.

I've even been consulting on some non-Munchkin projects, crazy as that seems!

You know, looking at this list . . . maybe there's no such thing as a "quiet time" at SJ Games!

But we do occasionally stop to remember that we're in the business of making games, and we'll be doing that this Thursday at our annual Halloween Game Day. I'm looking forward to playing some of my own new game purchases, including The Daedalus Sentence and Kane Klenko's Covert, and seeing what all my colleagues bring in. My Pandemic Legacy group will wrap up season 1, too . . . there's hope for the world yet!

-- Andrew Hackard

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