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Munchkin is the dungeon experience . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. Million copies sold worldwide!

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September 1, 2014: Looking For Your Munchkin Card Ideas

Writing Munchkin cards is a lot of fun . . . but, after a while, the creative juices evaporate. Luckily, we've got a page where you guys can submit your own wacky Munchkin card ideas. I've been plowing through them for inspiration, which means the well is starting to run a little dry . . . so if you've been sitting on new card ideas, there's no better time to send them our way! If we use your idea, we give you credit in the rules AND a copy of the game in which your idea appears! (If you need more incentive, one of the titles we're considering for 2016 is Munchkin Fan Service . . . and we'll need over 100 of your ideas to make that one work!)

Before you run off to start typing up ideas, though, read these important notes:

  1. Please don't use the form for anything BUT card ideas. We aren't looking for set suggestions, critical commentary, or rule questions -- and we don't check the reports often enough to make that last one a good idea, anyway. That's what our forums are for!
  2. Only one card per submission. If you're submitting cards that are linked, mention each one in the other's comments area. (Warning: unless linked cards are VERY good, we probably won't use them, at least not as such -- standalone ideas are much more versatile.)
  3. If you have an idea for the illustration, by all means include that in the Comments field. Sometimes a really funny picture makes an otherwise mundane card shine.
  4. We get too many submissions to be able to acknowledge them. Sorry about that. If we use your idea, we'll let you know; otherwise, you can assume it was almost good enough, and may show up down the road in something else.
  5. Related to that, please understand that we get lots of ideas from our fans, and we're pretty creative in our own right. If you see a published card that is similar to one you suggested, it's almost certainly a case of parallel inspiration. But if it's really close to your idea, it's worth asking -- we have been known to forget to give credit, and that's something we would like to fix in future printings.
  6. By sending in your idea, you are giving us permission to publish it, modified or not as we see fit, up to and including taking a really funny card name and writing an entirely new card to fit it.

We're looking forward to seeing your ideas! Thanks!

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 1, 2014: Munchkin 2014 Silver Piece Rule For September 2014

Meta-rule for all of 2014: if you are playing Munchkin Apocalypse, or a blended game that includes Apocalypse cards, you may use the 2014 Silver Piece to Open or Close a Seal, your choice. Give the Silver Piece to the next player to successfully Run Away from a monster. As usual in Apocalypse, this rule cannot be used to reverse the opening of the Seventh Seal.

In any game of Munchkin, including Munchkin Quest, you may "spend" the Silver Piece to Hunt for Treasure. Give the Silver Piece to the player with the fewest Treasures in play (your choice if there is a tie). Show everyone the top three cards from the Treasure deck. Take the one you want and shuffle the other two back into the Treasure deck. You may play this Treasure immediately, even if you are in combat.

You may only use one Munchkin coin per game unless a rule says otherwise. This one does not.

More about the Munchkin Silver Piece

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