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December 5, 2016: As 2016 Winds To A Close . . .

We aren't resting at ALL!

Devin is hard at work flogging the Munchkin Collectible Card Game through its last steps before we send it to print. This game is gorgeous and I cannot wait to start playing with the real cards. Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson did a fantastic job on the design and are now hard at work on the first expansion -- thanks, guys!

I'm working with our pals at USAopoly on their 2017 releases; we've announced Munchkin: X-Men Edition, but there are a couple more things planned for later in 2017 that I am just as excited about -- and both of them are games we've had requests for, so some of y'all should be really happy.

I am already working on 2018 releases because we're so far ahead on 2017. Not everything for next year is at print -- and we do have a couple of surprises yet to announce! -- but we're farther ahead of our deadlines than I can ever remember, which is giving us a lot of breathing room on some projects that need the extra attention. (As soon as I got back from BGG, I was able to remove 2016 from my planning calendar . . . which I don't think I've ever done before so early in the year. Now 2020 has some room to breathe . . .)

Our end-of-year game day, and the last day for Warehouse 23 orders (including the Mostly Munchkin Grab Box #marketing), is December 15. We'll be closed the last two weeks of the year.

-- Andrew Hackard

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